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The Episode One Podcast talks about a different Pilot, or first episode of a Television show in each episode. We discuss the show from the perspective of a fan and a writer. We then unfairly judge the rest of the series based solely on it's pilot.
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May 1, 2018

Chuck and Barry, what a way to celebrate 44 episodes!

Well, one is a show, one is guest... I mean both have been shows, but only one is the show we're talking about.

This week Steve and Chris welcome back Chuck their old improv buddy to discuss the HBO Bill Hader series: Barry, which has some roots in the Los Angeles Improv scene.

And to properly celebrate a 44th episode spectacular, we take a look back at each show we've done and discuss whether Chuck has seen it, and whether he should.

Thank you for 44 episodes, here's to 44 more!

Apr 26, 2018

Oh how we wish we were reviewing Javier Grillo Marxich's Lost In Space. Not that this show is, we're just really big fans of Javier (Middleman!)

So The 2018 Lost In Space, not the 1965 one, not the 1998 movie, the 2018 version. (does this pattern mean it gets rebooted in 2028?

This week we're joined by special guest, Chuck Panzarella! Chuck is an old friend from our improv days and joins us for a live watch then record. What insight does he bring to a show in which nothing happens, but a lot happens.

Find out on this week's Episode One Podcast!

Apr 25, 2018

This week on the Lucy Hale Podcast.... I mean episode one podcast. Chris and Steve continue the Lucy Hale conversation with Pretty Little Liars.

What made this a show Chris's wife won't let him watch? Will we have a spin off podcast where Steve watches Pretty Little Liars and recaps it to Chris?

Is Lucy Hale America's Sweetheart? All these questions are answered on this week's Episode One Podcast!

Apr 11, 2018

It's another new DCEU show, which might not be part of the DCEU?

SYFY presents Krypton, a superman prequel, from the pen of David Goyer! Join Chris and Steve as we explore this new world and very unique look into the legacy of Superman.


It's been awhile since we could geek out so deeply on a show, come and enjoy the fun, ask why is Adam Strange playing Booster Gold/Rip Hunter and wonder if our time stream has been affected too.

Apr 6, 2018

It's two, or three, shows in One. First we take a look at the show that broke the timestream, the First episode of season 10 of Roseanne. It also broke the ratings and Chris and steve discuss why, and whether it will continue.

We then look at the TV Show, base don the podcast, that helped inspire this podcast, Alex Inc. Does it live up to the meta-ness?

Steve also takes a brief look at Splitting up Together, to see if it deserves more than just a brief look.


Will Steve and Chris have these shows all crossover with each other? Of course they will!

Mar 23, 2018

It's Lucy Hale time. Join Steve and Chris as we explore the first of 2 Lucy Hale shows on the episode one podcast.

What makes a great pilot? and what does a great pilot have that can translate into a long running show? Life Sentence present san interesting answer to these questions, with a unique hook, some interesting characters, but a plot that leaves you wondering: how long can this go on?

We also answer one of the most important questions in entertainment. If Lucy Hale isn't America's sweetheart, then who is?

All this and Crossovers and 30 second pitches on the Episode One Podcast

Mar 16, 2018

It's prestige drama time! It's been awhile since there was a brand new AMC show. And hey who can resist a good burger? So Steve and Chris dive into McMafia this week... Only to learn the connection to everyone's favorite fast food is more of a reference.

What do Chris and Steve discover going in blind, and is there enough there to break into Steve's limited hour-long viewing routine?

We've got some good crossovers this time, so tune in and enjoy!

Mar 16, 2018

You ever have that experience where you feel like someone just ripped into your head and stole an idea you had? This week Chris experiences that with Living Biblically on CBS. Find out some history behind the show, the book it was based on, and learn some basic television pilot keys from Chris and Steve.

We hope you have as much fun stretching those comedy chops as Chris and Steve did this week.

And as always, Crossovers and 30 second pitches!

Mar 2, 2018

This week Chris and Steve do double duty. We check out the original 2003 Queer Eye for the Straight guy, then watch the Netflix Reboot.

How do they compare, what's changed over the last 15 years? Do Chris and Steve even watch reality TV?

And what kind of show do you cross Queer eye with?

All this and more!

Feb 23, 2018

Another Week, another Netflix Show. If we tried to do every Netflix show that aired, we'd have to go twice weekly (Hire us Netflix, we'll do it!!!)

This week is Altered Carbon, Netflix's foray into high budget hard scifi. Talking about it we learn a bit about where both Chris's and Steve's fandoms begin and end, and how and why they cross over with some surprising things.

We also discuss a bit of history on this showrunner, Steve gets excited for a movie he never heard of before and we do crossovers and 30 second pitches!

Feb 13, 2018

While everyone else is nerding out about Black Panther this week, Steve and Chris are all in on Black Lightning.

We bring some our deepest comic book knowledge to the table to discuss how the show connects with it's printed history and where it deviates. We talk about how this show feels different from the rest of the ArrowVerse and debate whether and how it might connect.

Also, what kind of pitch do you do when you've already done 30 second pitches for so many comic book shows.

Feb 7, 2018

It's not just the 33rd episode, it's our One Year Anniversary!

So, we're celebrating by going off topic from the start and discussing The Cat in The Hat Comes Back.

And after that brief interlude we take a look back and talk about a few of our first 11 shows, then do some quick hits on every episode from 12-32.

Then we take some time to discuss some shows we've watched, but for various reasons never did an episode on: Chris Discusses:Inhumans (Finally), Ghosted, Electric Dreams, Big Little Lies, American Vandal, The Ranch, Fuller House, Black Mirror

While Steve takes a look at: 9JKL, LA 2 Vegas, WWE Mixed Match Challenge, Hot Shoots and The Jellies on Adult Swim, and He finally watches BoJack Horseman!

We also both discuss "End of the F*ing World.

Enjoy, and thank you for making our first year great!

Feb 2, 2018

This week you get a double dose of Steve and Chris.

First we take on Comedy Central's semi-successor to Workaholics: "Corporate". Will it's dark tone divide steve and Chris?

Then Alone together. We take on this new Freeform comedy from Little Esther and friends, and we explore it's origins in a made for the web, independently produced pilot.

All this, and 30 second pitches, crossovers and more. On the Episode One Podcast!

Jan 28, 2018

Our first Backdoor Pilot! There used to be a tradition in Network sitcoms to do an episode that could be, or will be, spun off into it's own series.

This week Steve and Chris take a look at the first episode and the pre-first episode of Grownish. Setup in season 3 episode 23 of Black-ish, Grownish sees the daughter leaving for college and entering "A Different World".

How is it, Steve watches Blackish, Chris Doesnt, what were their reactions, which is better the backdoor pilot, or the actual pilot. What other Backdoor pilots do you wanna see us cover?

Enjoy this week's Episode One Podcast!

Jan 15, 2018

Come with Steve, Chris and special guest Eddie Furth (@EddieFurth) take a trip back to 1993 and watch the very first installment of Monday Night Raw.

What happens when a lifelong wrestling fan and a wrestling referee discuss wrestling history with a complete newbie?

What deep dark childhood secrets are revealed?

Enjoy this celebration of 25 years of WWE RAW!!!

All this and more, on the episode one podcast

Jan 11, 2018

This week, Steve and Chris check out another Amazon Original Series. Jean Claude Van Johnson.


Does this show have anything to do with the movie JCVD? Did Phylicia Rashad steal all of Steve and Chris's movie spec scripts? What other Actors have secretly been using their movies as a cover for their real job?

All this and more Inhumans? on this episode one podcast

Dec 27, 2017

It's here, time travel got in the way, but future man has arrived. 

What do Chris and Steve have to say about this show brought to you by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg?

Can we cram as many references into this episode as the show does?

Also Video Games, can they save the future?

Dec 23, 2017

Part one of our two episode dive into Hulu. Here's Runaways!

As we are required by law, a new superhero based show is on the air, so Chris and Steve have seen it. Where does Runaways rank on the Powerless-Legion Spectrum?

Also some deep, deep dive sinto marvel comics, a little early discussion of the fox/disney merger that hadn't been fully announced at recording time, and crossovers!

Nov 30, 2017

Steve is surprised to hear a familiar voice as we welcome our first human/non-tree guest Nathan from

No stranger to nerdy and comic book based media, Nathan is here to help break down Netflix's Punisher show

We also discuss the very obvious crossover that must be seen!

Nov 29, 2017

Chris and Steve finally get around to discussing Star Trek Discovery.

More preconceptions than usual due to the delay, but their take might surprise you!

Is it worth figuring out how to subscribe to CBS: All Access?

What other shows from the 60s should be revived?

Find out on the episode one podcast!

Nov 8, 2017

Well, it took a year, but Steve and Chris have finally jumped on the Stranger Things bandwagon. Could it possibly live up to the hype?

We also have a new strategy on twitter, follow one random person from each show we do, for some random reason (usually Sucker Punch related) and try to get them to engage on twitter. We'll let you know if it works.

Hey, has anyone done a spinal tap/ stranger things joke yet? if not can we turn this podcast up to eleven?

Nov 8, 2017

Fox, not yet owned by Disney is back with a new X-men TV Show, no not Legion, that was on FX.

Steve and Chris discover some old friend son the series, talk about how mutants fit into the current political/social sphere and discuss some great writing.

We're excited about The Gifted, come, be excited with us!


Oct 28, 2017

Welcome to our Undecennisode tradition (that somehow means every 11 episodes).

We take a quick look back into our catalog and see where those shows are now as a new traditional television season has begun. We take a look back at the upfronts trailers we watched and discuss which shows we've seen, which we changed our mind son and which are still to come.

We take quick looks at: Me Myself and I, The Mayor, Will and Grace, Chris suffers through 9JKL and Ghosted. Then we look ahead to some more future episodes, especially the comic book related ones to come

Oct 5, 2017

Is it Star Trek? Or is it something new?

This week Chris and Steve take a look at the new Seth MacFarlane show, the Orville. We also take a brief moment to try and figure out, what the heck is Neo Yokio?


Sep 29, 2017

Welcome back! after a month in limbo Chris and Steve have returned to finally talk about the new version of The Tick on Amazon. Steve also gets into his take on the theatrical premiere for the television show of The Inhumans

This week we'll discuss how dark this Tick revival is and why, Why we loved the animated series and Patrick Warburton's the tick We also get into what other 90's cartoon series should have a dark revival.

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